Greetings ADVANCE UGC NET Aspirants! 😊

Paper II contains 100 questions 2 marks each. . All questions are objective type questions (MCQs, True/False, Assertion-Reasoning). All questions are compulsory..

All questions are compulsory. No negative marking.

Given below is a list of some important selected topics for UGC NET Political Science subject which help candidates in covering syllabus of Paper II .

Important Topics for Political Science Paper II

  • Political Development, Culture, Modernisation
  • Political Theory
  • Constitutional Development, Fundamental Rights
  • Difference between Public Administration and Private
  • Commissions/Committees
  • New Economic Order : ASEAN, SAARC, NATO, NAFTA
  • Comparative Politics and Political Analysis
  • Indian Government & Politics
  • Theories : Classical, Scientific Management, Human Relation, Environment
  • Theories : Realism, Liberalism, Marxism, Game theory
  • United Nations : Articles from Charter, Security Council Reform, Cold War & End of cold war, Globalisation
  • Current Issues : Nagorno karabakh, Dispute between Georgia and Azerbaizan, Regional Organizations
Try to align yourself with these important topics to get a hold over UGC NET Political Science Subject Paper II.