ADVANCE UGC-NET Political cience

Greetings UGC NET Aspirants! 😊

Question paper IInd and IIIrd Pattern

Paper II contains 50 questions 2 marks each and Paper III contains 75 questions 2 marks each.

All questions are objective type questions (MCQs, True/False, Assertion-Reasoning).

All questions are compulsory. No negative marking.

Given below is a list of some important selected topics for UGC NET Computer science subject which help candidates in covering syllabus of Paper II and Paper III.

Important Topics for Political science Paper II

  • Political Development, Culture, Modernisation
  • Political Theory
  • Constitutional Development, Fundamental Rights
  • Difference between Public Administration and Private
  • Commissions/Committees
  • New Economic Order : ASEAN, SAARC, NATO, NAFTA
Try to align yourself with these important topics to get a hold over UGC NET Economics Subject Paper II.

Important Topics for Economics Paper III

  • Comparative Politics and Political Analysis
  • Indian Government & Politics
  • Theories : Classical, Scientific Management, Human Relation, Environment
  • Theories : Realism, Liberalism, Marxism, Game theory
  • United Nations : Articles from Charter, Security Council Reform, Cold War & End of cold war, Globalisation
  • Current Issues : Nagorno karabakh, Dispute between Georgia and Azerbaizan, Regional Organizations
These are some important topics for UGC NET Economics subject Paper III. Candidates need to focus on these topics for better results. Let us now highlight some important reading material and topic source for UGC NET Economics Paper II and Paper III

For More Reference Regarding Question patter and number of Question in each paper please download Advance UGC-NET Procespects Attached below:-